Welcome to my blog! I thought I would introduce myself and a little bit about me, just in case anyone is ever interested in this.


I’m a qualified librarian, working in an academic library in the North West of England. By birth I am a native of the Black Country, but moved away to pursue my librarianship qualifications and stayed here! I’ve got a massive interest in libraries and literacy; I spent my apprenticeship and many years in Public Libraries before moving across into academia.


I also enjoy cycling quite a bit, hence the title of this blog. Also, I used to be a Four-Wheeled Librarian as I worked on the Mobile and Home Library Service in one of the Black Country authorities for a number of years. I also enjoy reading about cycling (joining two of my favourite pastimes), so have posted a link to a particularly interesting little story about a bicycle…



Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Welcome to my blog! I thought I would