‘Libraries are in decline’ states Terry Deary

Oh, my, how to raise the hackles on me. Terry Deary has uttered some very controversial, and not very well-informed, comments about reading, literacy and libraries, which seem to have gotten up the noses of all of the librarians and information professionals I know. Read his interview with the Telegraph here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/booknews/10450529/Terry-Deary-Give-poor-people-free-e-readers.html

I, for one, disagree. Libraries are places of empowerment, opening up opportunities for his so-called ‘impoverished’ (how terribly condescending) that a Kindle (or other e-reader, lets not be parochial) cannot. Community space, meeting people, socialising, all of these are part of the ‘library experience’. And he’s also missing the point that lots of libraries now also offer e-book loans (after much fighting with publishers about access rights). No, all this article is about is making him money. Well, I for one wont be buying anything of his in the future! Not that I have in the past anyway…


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