Tour de France fever

I realised a while ago that most of my posts have been about libraries, with very little of my other obsessions covered. So, today’s post is going to be about the sport I have taken to over the last few years…

There’s a little bike race coming to the North of England this weekend, which I am a little bit excited about. Those of you who follow me on twitter, or facebook, may already have realised this, what with the inordinate amount of tweets, retweets and shares I have been slathering my pages with recently…I think I have been remarkably restrained but that’s just me…

The original plan was to go to Harrogate on Saturday to see the first stage finish, then cycle up to Woodhead on Sunday (only about 10 miles from our house, but a good bit of ‘up’ involved; down on the way back!) to watch them flit past after coming down Holmes Moss. However, yesterday, not only did I realise the weather is going to be fairly inclement over the weekend (Yorkshire + summer = what do you expect?), but that also that I would be standing around for hours, in the (possibly) wet, without access to any facilities (get the drift?). Ok, I am a seasoned camper, I dont actually need the physical thing, I’m happy with a bush or a tree. BUT (and it’s a big but, no pun intended), this is the Peak District, renowned for the mass clearance of trees during the last few hundred years to allow stock grazing to flourish and rich noblemen to hunt on horses…ergo, nothing to hide behind (or under) for a call of nature…

So. Reflection. ITV are showing the whole of the first three stages in their entirety, live. It’s a no-brainer. I will happily watch the TV coverage, knowing that just a few miles to the North, lots of fairly fit (in more ways than one, with some possible exceptions) young men are tearing round the countryside on one of the most iconic races on the planet, being treated to a good sample of English meteorology, while I stay warm and dry in the house cheering them on!

Who will win, though? My money’s on Cav for the first stage, but after that it’s anyone’s race. Froome will put on a good show, but there are plenty of good GC contenders and only three British riders in the whole Tour. The non-Brits will be looking for a win, after the successive two years going to a Brit, so I think we’re in for exciting times this year. Watch this space…

One thought on “Tour de France fever

  1. kdolman says:

    Well. Cav’s out as is Froomie…who’da thunk it? Still, at the halfway point it’s turning out to be a good race!! 🙂


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