PS to ‘Tour de France fever’

So, I made a decision yesterday morning, to go and see the Tour at the bottom of Holme Moss where it meets the Woodhead Pass. And I am so glad I did. It was an amazing day!

We got to our spot at about 11.20am (local time), having cycled up. We knew we couldn’t drive, as the roads were closed, so my partner cycled with his brothers and I parked the car on the Hayfield Road, where the lovely lady who runs the food stall in the layby moved her chairs so I could park. It was already full when I got there at 10.45am! But I got in and continued the cycle with them. 8 miles, it was, but it was almost all up, except for the first run down into Glossop (which I realised I would have to cycle back UP on the way back! :(). Oh well.

There were hundreds of cyclists out on the roads and when we got past the point of no more traffic allowed (just outside Glossop) we were all free to take up the whole road. It was great! I even overtook a few people on some of the steeper sections! When we got to Woodhead, we quickly found an elevated space in a field, from which even the short person (me!) would be able to see the road and, as we were sitting on the edge of a ten foot drop, ensured no big person could stand in front of me and obscure my view (this happens a lot at gigs. I have a management strategy for this eventuality). There to wait for 3 and a half hours…

The caravan came through first, which was great, the only downside being I didnt manage to catch any of the goodies as we were too far from the road. Then we heard the helicopters and the Beebs chopper came into view…then we could hear the roar from further up Holme Moss, which meant the riders were descending…exciting! The first rider (Blel Kadri) appeared, then the chasers a couple of seconds later. Holme Moss had certainly separated the men from the boys! They were strung out in groups. The Sky train came through all together, although we had heard Richie Porte had had an accident at the other side. He and a team mate came through a good few minutes after the rest of them, but when we watched the highlights we found out he’d not only caught them up before they got to Sheffield but he’d also come in with the main bunch, at 21st position, 2 seconds behind the winner, Nibali! What a rider! And he’s only little too!

Anyway. It was a lovely day (apart from the brief shower which descended on us as we were heading back) but the Met Office got it wrong again, telling us it would be rainy all afternoon. In actual fact, the sun shone all day! So, we’d prepared for the wet and cold, not thinking about suntan cream, with the result that my legs now look a little like boiled lobster…thanks Met Office. Dont think I’ll be paying much heed to you in future.

Well, that’s my little postscript! It’s an afternoon I’ll never forget and I got some photos to remember it by too!

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