Epic Blog Fail…

Well. Here’s a turn-up…it’s been MONTHS! Feeling very guilty about not posting anything, but that’s because life got very busy for a time. We had holidays and then straight into major teaching. Over 3 weeks, I’ve taught 56 hours and seen near enough 600 students, so very busy indeed. But hugely enjoyable.

I’m now thinking about my Chartership again, and this Friday I’m going to the portfolio building event in Liverpool (get to see the lovely new library too…). So, probably will have a bit more oomph after that!

In the meantime, I will leave this post with another epic fail…I haven’t been on my bike for over a month, so it isn’t just Chartership that’s suffered!

Watch this space…

Postscript: Just done my stats and in 55 hours I taught 726 students (plus about another 20-ish as we didn’t have a tally for that class) adding up to a whopping 1,023:30 hours of teaching per person…whew!!