Yet again, long time no post…

Well. Here I am again. Haven’t posted for quite some time…in fact, I have been so busy, this is the first time I have thought about my blog since the last time I posted…it’s been chaos.

So, an update: we had a new Director of Library Services over the summer, who is very nice and is slowly starting to get his vision of what our service looks like together. I suspect more change is on its way…which is inevitable, but I really would like to have at least one week where I know who I am, what I do and where I go to for help…I’m beginning to get a bit tired of change, but it’s one of the certainties of life.

The other thing (well, one of them šŸ˜¦ ) that’s really irritating me currently is the pop ups in Chrome. I cant work out how to turn them off! So every time something new comes on the BBC news, or any of the other sites I follow, a pop up comes up in the corner of my screen, totally distracting me from important matters (like trying to figure out what my job title is today…). If anyone out there knows how to do this, please help a poor Luddite out.

We’ve also taken on a new job in our team, whereby we are now participating in Library Chat. Well. So far I have had one session; it’s interesting. One of our colleagues who is used to using the system from a previous role has been supporting us and on my shift she practised with me transferring chats and answering them. It’s quite an easy system to use, but a bit stressful as it’s in-the-moment and I wanted to jump in, where really you need a cool head. I’ll get used to it.

In normal life, not much has happened. We’ve had a few holiday weekends and we’re currently in the usual run up to Christmas, which means I keep mentioning shopping and Man-Podling continues to ignore me…business as usual then…in greater news, I am about to embark on the next decade of my life…at Christmas I will celebrate a ‘0’ Birthday for which I am being treated to a lovely holiday…in a pod in Anglesey…no, really, that’s where I am going…and also to Cape Verde in February! šŸ™‚ Winter sun here I come!

I’m not the only one though: fortunately I have many friends the same age so we are all together in this (unlike the Tories…). My youngest brother-in-law celebrated his a few weeks ago and we had a lovely family holiday in a complex in Hay on Wye. We stayed in a medieval barn and it was rather like being at home only much bigger! They even had the same fireplace…

(Photo credit: K Dolman – the one on the left is the medieval barn, the one on the right is the Podlings’ mini version)

As a Librarian, it’s a travesty that I have never before visited and I was in absolute heaven for the whole weekend. I bought LOADS of books! I even found a set of books I read as a teenager and have never found since (I borrowed them from the Library! šŸ™‚ ). I found the 2nd-4th volumes but not the first, however a lovely friend has sourced one and is buying it me for Christmas. Here they are (and yes, my coaster says ‘Karen’s Wine Bar’ and ‘Life is a cabernet’)!


Photo credit: K Dolman

I’m really looking forward to reading them again, but am currently waiting for the next instalment of the Outlander saga. I cant wait! I shall definitely be posting about it but it may be some time…watch this space…

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